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ACT Environmental Services, Inc.

  • HISTORY    
When the company was founded in 1995, ACT primarily provided asbestos consulting services.  Inspections, surveys, limited sampling, AHERA management plans, and various other consulting needs were being filled. 

The company immediately grew in response to client demands and added the AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited asbestos laboratory.  Asbestos Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) - air sample analysis - has been performed since 1995. 

In response to increased demands for sampling, asbestos content verifications, and demolition/remediation surveys, in 1998, ACT was certified in asbestos bulk sample analysis under Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM).  The base customer population was corporate at this time.  However, as employees soon found common concerns in their residences, private property owners and homes began to add to the customer base. 

As asbestos abatement activities and inspections were completed, corporate customers found other concerns inside the working environments.  These included fungal contaminations (mold), air circulation concerns (physical parameters), and lead paint hazards.  The licensing and employee training programs grew to provide customers with a well educated consultant.  These inspections continued to increase, creating a demand for laboratory services. 

ACT incorporated a fungal surface and air sample laboratory (mold).  AIHA-LAP, LLC proficiency tests are passed to document analyst accuracy, however, due to the lack of federal regulations or consistent state limits, further accreditation has not been acquired. 

To be competitive and to provide a full range of options, in 2004, ACT added the Lead Laboratory and became accredited under AIHA-LAP, LLC’s ELLAP and the EPA’s NLLAP for air, paint, soil, and dust analysis.


Consulting areas are continuously expanding in the areas of indoor air quality concerns.  Radon testing, silica sampling, mercury monitoring, and more!

Additional analysis is always being reviewed and contemplated for accreditations as the consultants' need arise.  For example, Nuisance Dust has been analyzed since 2003, pH testing since 2011! 

Our staff has over seventy-five years and growing! - of combined experience in the asbestos, lead and environmental consulting business.


ACT began operations in 1995 with a desire to develop a tradition of excellence and dependability within the consulting industry.  Our client base includes public and private school systems, major industrial and commercial corporations, as well as family owned enterprises and residential property owners.  Our primary goal is to provide an emphasis on quality, integrity and service to our clients. 

  •  ACT's Promise

ACT is committed to protecting a client’s future interests.  Our years of consulting experience, our responsiveness to client needs, and our proven record in documenting the environmental status of properties make ACT uniquely qualified to provide the environmental consulting needs of today’s industry. 

The small family feeling of the business keeps attention on the customer.  Special circumstances, i.e. rush/emergency requests, are handled responsibly and quickly without drama or chaos. Flexibility is our strong point.

A customer's need for confidentiality is respected immediately, without hesitation.  Consulting actions, testing conducted, and results gathered are only shared with confirmed personnel, no exceptions. 

Customer surveys are sent out annually and a Suggestions Box is maintained to afford customers ease in helping to make us better!