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  • Home built prior to 1978? 
  • Paint chipping away from surfaces?
  • Exterior Paint - will contaminate soil, gardens, sand boxes...
  • Interior Paint - will create DUST - contaminating numerous surfaces
  • Any amount of Lead is a HAZARD! 
  • Lead Paint does NOT always have to be removed.. Contact us for further discussion! 1-800-571-7129

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Want to get your paint tested? If you are the owner, and agree at your own risk - follow these steps to submit a sample of your paint material. At no time is lead-in-paint a safe material to be handled without extreme caution and awareness training. 

  1. Lightly moisten the area where you want to collect the sample (soapy water will keep the dust to a minimum)
  2. Using a scapel, box knife, AND protective gloves, break apart 2-3 square inches of the material (size of 4 quarters)
  3. Enclose the material in an air tight container (ziplock baggie)
  4. Print off a Chain of Custody from the download page - and record a sample number, location for your reference, and any additional information you would like tracked with the sample. 
  5. Contact the office to complete a project acceptance agreement and confirm pricing.
  6. Mail or deliver the sample to us!
If there are possible legal complications, contamination concerns, or any possible risks, please contact us to have a STATE LICENSED building inspector collect the sample according to regulations.  The following pictures are a few examples of the asbestos containing materials (ACMs) found in residential properties.  There are many more and many variations of these - DO NOT use this as a check list.

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Inspect without Samples


Paint in good condition, but concerned about your kid's exposure?

  • If you have several questionable surfaces, samples could get numerous and the impact on your nicely painted walls could be needless.   
The XRF (RMD Spectrum Analyzer) is a hand-held tool that is pressed against questionable surfaces, detects lead content, and does NOT leave a mark on your walls. 
  • As current regulations vary on exposure levels, any lead content at all is considered a hazard.
  • If the State Licensed inspector finds lead, he can give you recommendations on-site for best ways to move forward! 

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lead 4.jpg
XRF Testing

lead soil.jpg
Lead Paint - in SOIL

ext lead paint.jpg
Exterior Paint

lead paint.jpg

lead 2.jpg
Interior Paint

lead 3.jpg
Lead Dust at Windows

lead 5.jpg
Lead Paint

lead 6.jpg
Interior Paint

lead 7.jpg
Lead Dust at Windows