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RESIDENTIAL Indoor Air Quality


Have a questionable discoloration on the walls? a musky odor from the bathroom, basement, or attic? a crawl space that just doesn't seem "right"?  ACT representatives will conduct air sampling to determine if it is fungal (mold), radon, or other environmentally related concern.  With our vast history with local contractors, ACT will assist you in resolving all issues and concerns! 

  • Identification of Fungal (MOLD) Growth Sites
  • Location of Water Source (provides environment for growth)
  • Identification of fungi (mold) to assist in remediation plans
  • Clearance Testing for Selling Purposes
  • Physical Parameters Testing (humidity, temperature, carbon monoxide)
  • Dust Mite
  • Nuisance Dust

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Sample Colletion


Notice discoloration? Not sure if it's mold or just dirt? If you are the owner, and agree at your own risk - follow these steps to submit a surface sample for fungal (mold) identification.

  1. Use CLEAR tape (not frosted), about 3inches long.
  2. Fold each end of the tape, up to 1 centimeter - leaving tabs on each end to hold onto with your fingers.
  3. LIGHTLY press it against the suspected growth.  If you press too hard, you will collect TOO MUCH and analysis will fail. If you can barely see a small dusting on the tape, you have plenty.
  4. Fold the tape in half, completely securing the sampling area.  The folded ends from step 2 will provide tabs to unfold the tape's sampling area for analysis.
  5. Enclose the material in an air tight container (ziplock baggie).
  6. Print off a Chain of Custody from the download page - and record a sample number, location for your reference, and any additional information you would like tracked with the sample. 
  7. Contact the office to complete a project acceptance agreement and confirm pricing.
  8. Mail or deliver the sample to us!
If there are possible legal complications, contamination concerns, or any possible risks, please contact us to have a building inspector collect the sample according to regulations. 

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Water Required


  • Fungal growths can not survive without a source of moisture (humidity, drainage, an unknown drip)
  • Clear-up the water source prior to remediation activities, or the growth will return
  • If you have a growth site and cannot locate the water source, ACT will work with you and contractors to determine and resolve the concerns!
  • Document all activities to assist with resale concerns! ACT can assist in documenting water remediation activities were correctly completed for future owners.

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Tape -Surface Sample

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Ventilation Contamination

Toilet Leaks

Inspectors Swab Sample

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Water Stains

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Hiding Growths behind WallPaper

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Air Sampling for Exposure

Under-Sink Growths

Indoor Air Quality Map